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im listening to a program on religion and homosexuality on npr and theyre talking about the biblical jonathan and david and how jesus said theres no greater love than laying down ur life for a friend and my inner johndave is crying bye

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before cascade happened (when we thought john was the only one who had godtiered out of all the kids), john and dave had intended to go back into a game of sburb and make sure dave godtiered too. aka john would have to kill dave on his quest bed

this was because john was going to live forever as an immortal and dave was just a regular dude and they were both traumatized by the prospect so they decided to do something about it

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i had this really convoluted idea for dave being forced to die via freak accidents on significant dates (any date with a combination of 413, 612, or 1025), and if he avoided dying on a significant date, his chances of dying on the next significant date would increase by either 4.13%, 6.12%, or 10.25%

i scrapped it because i realized i wasnt up for writing regularly scheduled horror/gore :c

i did write dave dying in a car crash once though. also daves bro perma-dying in a car crash

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this is only a semi-scrapped idea (i still use elements from it): dave’s heartbeat sounds like a ticking clock!

i changed it so that it only sounds like a clock to dave, its more of a mental thing now and it makes more sense

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this blog was originally intended to be a dave for a highschoolstuck au, but none of the other blogs from the timeline ever became active, so i just found someone to be jonathanegbert and rped with him from there! (this was summer 2011)

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♕ introducing the mun:

Name or nickname: max
Tumblr URL: davidstrider/godheadcomplex
Sex/Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: homoflexible
OC friendly?: sure! but i prefer rping with canon homestuck chars for the most part
Multi-fandom friendly?: only sort of… if i dont know a fandom then i probably cant rp with you well :(
Will you ship your muse with any sex?: im not looking to put dave in any new romantic relationships atm 
Are you open to SFW rp?:  yes
Are you open to NSFW rp?: no
Can people come up and start a conversation with you?: yeah man!! just know im really shy though. i have less social energy than most people so i tend to be more reclusive both ic and ooc (its something i cant really help)
Can they be your friend?: i usually make friends by talking to people a bunch of times and having a bond develop organically so ask for my skype! please know that if you come at me saying “can i be your friend” ill probably freeze up and we wont get anywhere 8(

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Anonymous said: ooc// when dave was younger and asked bro for a woody doll, was that before or after the automatonophobia developed

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my friend told me dave is his least favorite homestuck kid yesterday and i was straight up so scandalized i started crying and couldnt continue playing on his xbox omfg

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i really like to think of dave starting out as idealizing john as like a normal well-adjusted kid that doesnt care about what other people think about him and has no problems with being an Individual even tho his hobbies are so cheesy bad dave just likes how genuine he is about liking the shit he likes

and then dave also likes johns individuality because hes trying to sort out his own individuality bc hes been emulating bro for like everything but is entering his teenage yrs and wants to figure out what defines him (instead of letting strider stuff define him)

and like dave is kind of a pushover tbh which he plays off as being chill n laid back but he just doesnt have his own hard opinions or beliefs EXCEPT FOR WHEN ITS WILDLY INCONVENIENT HES ONLY STUBBORN WHEN ITS STUPID so he admires that in john but unfortunately hangin out w john means hes the victim of that trait in john which bothers him sometimes. sometimes john uses his unabashed assertiveness to help out dave but other times he inadvertently steps on dave

another component of their relationship is that dave (unfairly?) builds up this image of john for himself and falls in love with that idea and once they start dating he finds that the real john doesnt align with his idea of john 

theres a power imbalance and dave puts john on a pedestal (hero worship) but as they grow up he starts to take john down and views him more as an equal rather than an ideal and whats involved in the actual transition confuses john but they find that they work really well as a team when john helps daves voice be more heard and learns to step back more

and dave uses john to try and figure out his own individuality but he does it by relying on johns individuality and unfortunately thats not how individuality works omfg (i do like the idea that dave cherishes the shades both as a gift from john and as his first step away from mindlessly emulating bro all the time) (sidenote: THE UNIVERSE CRACKED??? its cool my shades are fine nothing important is broken)

like john helps him wean off mindlessly copying bro and bros opinion on everything by butting heads w the opinions dave regurgitates from bro but then dave starts regurgitating johns opinions and johns like thats not what we were going for here really lets try this again

i dont know how to end this post just imagine john and dave making out

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i met max/davidstrider/my <> <> <> squish squish cute cute oogly boogly brother baby on saturday hey and he didnt even mention me . thanks for nothing

she slept on me ate my food and then gave me PINS


<> <> <>

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i met tumblr user jonathanegbert in real life for the first time this weekend at katsucon (weve been rping together for three years) and i asked him over lunch if he ships johndave and he doesnt and neither do i and also hes cooler than me irl wtf this is all an elaborate extended fluke

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hey so ill be at katsucon this weekend!! all three days im actually arriving sometime tomorrow afternoon

if you see me feel free to chat me up 8) i look like this:

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Anonymous said: [[ hello, I was wondering what the urls for everyone in fullnamestuck are? I really love this timeline and with all the new people I want to make sure I'm following everyone! ]]

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first off we want to thank everyone who applied for their interest and the effort they put into their applications because it was really fun for us to read everything and basically fall in love w/ dirk and jane and get excited to rp with a dirk and a jane, and we were really surprised by how many people ended up applying (because when we asked around before dirk and jane seemed too inaccessible for most people!!)

the stuff that was sent in was really, really good - shout-out to sl0wbros, mskatsuragi, tifanilly, dirkar, and amazinglyheroic in particular, if anyone wants to start an rp please look to these people because they are cool and itd really be a shame if they didnt rp at all - so it was hard to choose, honestly wed enjoy rping with any of you so if you do end up making accounts hit us up!!

but i guess without further ado here are our new fullnamestuck members:


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Anonymous said: hey, i'm just wondering if the deadline has passed for all of your dirks to submit their writing samples? i know you guys are busy with it and everything and i'm really looking forward to seeing who you pick~ uwu

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Anonymous said: is there a deadline for the writing sample? is it the same as the general application deadline?

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Anonymous said: about how many dirk applications do you have so far? also what is the relation of the alpha kids to the beta kids in the group?

right now we have thirteen dirks and six janes, with four dirks who wouldnt mind being hal!

the relationship between the alpha kids and the beta kids would be that the beta kids guardians are gone, so through some glitchy mechanisms of the game our kids played (they cheated to win), alpha kids are being taken from the alpha verse and deposited in the beta verse to “fill” the slots the beta guardians have left! however this doesnt mean that the alpha kids will have to be parental towards the beta kids at all. in general anything that happened in homestuck canon is canon for our timelines game up until the showdown with lord english

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